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.. please read before entering..

The following pages on the WORLD NUDE WATCH website contain public nudity...

The following pages on the WORLD NUDE WATCH and NUDEvember websites contain public nudity such as nude girls in the city, nude men playing soccernaked news reporters, nude Asia Olympics, naked volleyball, nudists skydiving, nude bike riding and many other naturist, nudist, naturism activities of people of every age, shape and size, so therefore if it is against the rules in your family, or against the law in your community, religion or country, to view naked people, then suggest you do not continue past this warning page. By continuing further and clicking on YES, means that you fully understand the warning mentioned here on this page, and therefore will be responsible for your own actions from here on, and thus releasing the, their service provider, and the creators of this web page and the following web pages containing nudity, from all liability..

iMPORTANT NOTE: Nudity of the viewer is not compulsory, but more preferable!..

so what's it going to be punk?.. YES to ENTER or NO to LEAVE?.. it's your call..

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